Southern Girl & Co. is a lifestyle brand based in Houston, Texas. Our style and influences comes from daily life here in the great South as well as our travels around the world.

SG + Co. reflects the creative space & gives homage to the beautiful cities it was born + raised in, New Orleans & Houston.

We provide for the homegrown girls as well as the ones who see it as a very special place to come and be yourself.  That ‘Southern Hospaitality’ keeps the Southern culture alive, authentic and highly influential.

Founded in 2006,  SG+Co. began from as a small graphic collection is evolving into a leading women’s contemporary brand and lifestyle experience.  We focus on sending good vibes, must have authentic vintage pieces for every girl, homemade home accessories and much more among artists, trendsetters & influencers.

We definetly welcome that universe.

Thanks for the love.

Remember, Southern girls do it better. Always.


We Attract:

A global community of artists, dream creators, tastemakers, decision makers and power women alike.

We Create:

A positive influence in street & professional style in women’s apparel, authentic vintage and home accessories.

We Give:

We give 10% of our gross sales to our scholarship fund for the creative arts as well as other #giveback opportunities with our foundation.

The Platform:

southerngirl.co | the blog

southerngirlcreative.com | creative + marketing co.

southerngirlcompany.com | the mothership

Flagship store opening soon.